PaQuí Silvera


PaQuí is crafted to be the smoothest tequila in the world with a taste profile that optimizes the blue agave to achieve floral, grassy aromas, sweet agave fruit, complexity and great drinkability.


Big fruity aroma of sweet agave. Notes of citrus, jasmine and fresh green grass. Complex and inviting.


A rush of sweet agave with floral, grassy aromas, and sweet agave fruit upfront followed by vanilla, white pepper and other herbal undertones including lemon and honeysuckle. Complex, smooth and round with some minerality. Lively and subtly spicy up front but finishes with gently lingering flavors and a soft, smooth finish.

Crafted with 100% blue weber agave handpicked at optimal maturity in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Alcohol Content40% alc/vol
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